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How to Explain Data Mining Techniques and Their Uses

Data mining is a big task at hand for companies ...
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How revenue recognition will change forever

Revenue recognition is one of the accounting topics most examined by ...
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Visible CFOs Linked to Lower Stock Volatility

A company providing souped-up sentiment analyses for earnings calls and ...
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Guide To The Machine Learning Galaxy: Meet Tomorrow’s Rising Stars

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the impact ...
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Why the Future of Accounting Looks Bright

The recent Q1 Hiring Forecast from Brilliant, a Chicago-based search, ...
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Why Agility Is Key to the CFO Role in 2018

When I think of what’s top of mind for me ...
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Payables 2018: Six Things To Watch

Now that we’ve closed out 2017 and are looking forward ...
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The ‘My Way’ Approach to Zero-Based Budgeting

CFOs can embrace a more innovative approach to budgeting without committing ...
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Why Banks Need To Collaborate (Not Compete) With Fintech Startups

With the advent of robo-advisors, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual ...
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