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Balancing The CFO’s Twin Objectives: Growth Versus Optimization

There’s an old proverb that says if you chase two ...
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The rise of the fintechpreneur and why it matters

The financial technology field is rapidly expanding, but remains in flux and ...
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Companies Can CEOs, CFOs for High Tax Rates

Finance chiefs and their bosses who don’t help their employers ...
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8 Crucial Components to Boost Data-Driven Enterprises

We have an expression in data analytics: “data rich, information ...
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Does the blockchain mean the end of accounting?

Like computer aided design software meant the end of Draughtsmen, ...
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Top Finance Performers Forge Ahead To Digitize Repetitive Processes And Improve Analytics

Our data shows that there’s still a big gap between ...
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Revenue Recognition: Here at Last

How much do you know about FASB’s new rules on revenue ...
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Data: The Raw Material of Both Computing and Finance

The finance function has always been at the forefront of ...
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Top CFO Priorities for 2018: Taking Aim

Six CFOs from diverse industries reveal their top business objectives for 2018. ...
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