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What is Business Process Management?

What is BPM?

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to evolving a business into a strong, stable adaptable entity in its chronically evolving industry.

Business process as a service is so effective because it sets out an arranged set of activities that with repeated execution, yield consistent desired results. Managing the process is a highly-recommended investment by the most progressive business intelligence consultant firms.

BPM does not take out the human analysis, insight or creative input. It does, however, significantly cut down on the cost and likelihood of human error. Miscommunication and shift of focus are two of the most common employee tendencies that result in mistakes or slowed progression. All it takes is one error and one missed goal to alarm stakeholders, prompting them to pull out- that’s the last thing you and your business need for morale, public perception and ultimately, success.

By utilizing a BPM software, there is little leeway for straying from the process, which most business owners know to be the most effective staple in company habits. When a company has a repeat, constantly successful process, failure to meet objectives or close deals can almost always be traced back to one missed step. BPM ensures that steps are never missed; that employees do not get distracted or lazy; that critical information does not get lost in translation.

Infrastructure management is an important system that many companies implement to ensure that all operations and equipment are managed and maintained optimally. Business process management is just one subset of the overarching infrastructure management system, and it largely acts as a communicative member of the larger system.

Three Types of BPM

Today, there are three common BPM systems: horizontal, vertical and full-service.

  • Horizontal framework

Horizontal frameworks are centered around design and process development. Horizontal framework analyzes technological focuses and determines where processes or materials can effectively be reused.

  • Vertical framework

Vertical frameworks more specifically analyze goals and objectives. Tasks can be coordinated and templates built in advance to thoroughly follow and analyze subsets and activity within the framework.

  • Full-service framework

Full-service BPM suites cover both aforementioned services in their basic offerings, which include the following: process discovery, project scoping, process modeling, process design, business rules engine management, workflow engine management, simulation, and testing.

Why Use BPM?

Today, businesses are learning toward cloud-based BPM option. Cloud allows instant results and insights from the software system.

BPM, in any of its forms, helps executives cut costs while improving business efficiency. Process management and workflow management combine with task management, allowing teams to communicate and collaborate in real-time, reaching project goals cost-effectively and on time. The tools offered and used with BPM are flexible and easy to design or change. At any time during company growth or process differentiation, companies can optimize process management, rule management, integration and automation rules so that the overall system maintains effectiveness. Flexibility within BPM systems allows companies to avoid unforeseen costs in reporting and penalties. Automated reports are produced regularly, so it is easy to see where one process element has dipped and how to correct it with the healthy compensation of surrounding process factors. Perhaps most importantly, both customers and staff consistently favor the ease, results, and accommodation provided by BPM software.

Implementing business process management can significantly improve your company and help make strides toward business objectives and financial goals. Hire the most qualified business intelligence advisors from Quantum FBI. Rest assured that your work flow, team dynamics, and progress toward success are under our constant surveillance. Reach out to our expert team to get started today.

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