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Strong Blockchain Should Look Beyond Finance, Computing to Reach Mainstream

A strong Blockchain should look beyond finance and computing to reach the mainstream. To get there, the platform needs a diverse talent ...
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Fourteen Financial Mistakes All Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Starting a business comes with a lot of risks, most of which can seriously impact your finances. Whether you’ve bootstrapped ...
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How Risky Are New Revenue Recognition Rules?

Significant risks are inherent in the judgment calls that the new rules will demand, consulting firm says. The effective date ...
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Four different workloads: financial risk vs. reward of deployment options

Have you evaluated the risk? Investors, shareholders and creditors are all familiar with financial risk — the potential for uncontrolled financial loss ...
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Operational Intelligence the Next Wave of Business Intelligence

Operational intelligence has quickly become next priority for business intelligence advisors. While business intelligence has provided the intellect and insight needed to ...
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Continuous Accounting: An End To The Financial Close Nightmare

Transforming the financial close is not a one-time project; it’s a continuous incremental journey, and the dividends to making even the first ...
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Using the As-A-Service Model in Finance

The business models available to the finance industry are many. Amongst the newer services from any high-performance financial institution is ...
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Will smart machines replace smart CFOs?

From cloud computing and robotic process automation to analytics, AI, and machine learning, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming the ...
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Planning Process Red Flags – And How CFOs Can Fix Them

To compete in today’s fast-changing business environment, companies need competitive strategies. And competitive strategies are supported by robust planning. Formulating ...
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Advice for mitigating cybersecurity threats

Finance leaders’ involvement in cybersecurity is growing. Responses to cyber attacks include increased spending, according to a global survey. Nearly ...
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