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Cloud Innovation in Accounting and Finance

Digitization and cloud innovation continue to influence and propel accounting and finance toward new horizons.

The industry’s biggest players consistently mold their services to fit technology’s latest developments, catering to consumers and simultaneously, enriching back-end databases.

Let’s take a look at how cloud-based innovation is fueling accounting and finance trends.

Great Innovation in Accounting and Finance

Changing job models

Cloud-based solutions are changing the way finance and accounting professionals are hired and allowed to work.

First, a proficiency of cloud-based software is becoming vital to related job positions as consumers come to rely on the ease of digital solutions for financial dealings. Cloud-based software is also incrementally changing the way companies house financial information and extract understandings or key insights for growth and strategy decisions. The more an accountant knows about software operations, the more desirable his or her candidacy is for the job.

Second, cloud solutions open the option for job mobility, something that has never been offered for accountants. The option to safely and efficiently work remotely could dramatically change the appeal of finance and accounting career tracks, driving up the competition for positions and increasing the quality of work.

Better customer experience

Innovative finance and accounting solutions ultimately provide better consumer experiences, which is why so many companies are quick to adopt them. Cloud-based technology caters to the mobile consumer, allowing everything to be done online, on-the-go, and in the comfort of the user’s palm. The more solutions that are introduced, the more consumers respond and the more creative tech innovators can become. Right now, messaging and social media interaction are two important displays of adapting accounting services to modern-day consumer preferences.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is the newest, most advanced security system for the cloud. Cloud security is one of the biggest barriers to entry for finance and accounting matters. Companies and individuals are slow to relinquish all financial investments and details to the invisible digital sphere, but CASB offers enhanced protection, including insider threats.

As cloud-based accounting and finance solutions become the norm, security services grow essential. CASB is the most solidly armed security for current cloud activity and a promising glimpse into the security we will have as more people move forward online with their financial endeavors.

Accounting bots

Robots are recently being introduced to accounting, and both companies and individuals are taking well to the new technology. Accounting bots make financial transactions mobile and seamless by offering tools to track transactions and financial matters. The bots can communicate with users in modes similar to Siri or IM, making it easy to ask a question about a previous purchase or concern. All information is stored in the cloud, so the bot can look up any question a user asks and retrieve the answer.

Accounting bots are user-friendly, which is why so many consumers enjoy their bot-interaction via apps and why many companies implement bot-related software to track business and employee expenses and transactions.

Blockchain auditing

Blockchain is a high-powered control authority that audits quickly, securely and without error. It is currently fueling the possibility of third-party money, such as Bitcoin. Blockchain and related auditing tools make more innovation possible in finance and accounting.

Ready to capitalize on cloud innovation?

The potential for cloud-based innovation in finance and accounting is uncapped. The possibilities are increasingly seamless and bond-inducing for companies who already implement digital solutions, and made easier to adopt of companies still debating a transition to the cloud.

To learn more about finance and accounting solutions for your company’s needs, reach out to Quantum FBI.

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