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Access to Data Is Great but Communication Is What Matters

The big data era has revolutionized the way that companies strategize, perform and evolve. Big data allows for the accumulation of mass consumer insight, relevant analysis and real-time application in business development and strategy execution. As data rolls in that might otherwise go unnoticed by leadership, bots are behind the scenes determining exactly which pieces of information to extract that will shed light on consumer behavior and lead companies toward decisions that positively impact performance.

Brands commonly overlook the actionable data component, rendering their data analytics largely useless. Without clearly communicating to employees where and how insight is relevant to project tasks and results, the real-time data expires without having enhanced day-to-day or long term operations.

Communicate Data into Actionable Results

Communicating data requires a precise understanding of which teams need specific information to better execute their project goals. Once you effectively identify which information to pass along, use the dashboard or communication platform to share actionable insights that employees can easily put into effect.


Be as simple as possible with the information you choose to share with employees. Business intelligence advisors advise using as few words as possible and only communicate information that is relevant to that specific team or team member’s dashboard. The less information an employee has to digest, the more likely he or she is to retain it, understand it and put the insight into action. As a rule of thumb, keep actionable steps to a list of five to-dos per day.

Real-time and Creative Displays

Present information from your business intelligence services in real-time whenever possible. This immediately motivates employees to act. Real-time data keeps intentions behind goals fresh, helping ensure that team members do not lose interest or focus in goals and tasks.

Actionable Daily Goals

Change goals daily. If a goal from yesterday did not get completed, push it to the top or present it in a new matter. Keep work fresh, in line with behavior-driven data and always contributing to an overarching business goal. Data displays can be an excellent method to show employees how their tasks and accomplishments make headway toward larger initiatives or toward satisfying customer needs.

Relevant Customization

Customize whenever possible. Whether per employee, per team or per manager, learn which employees respond to which types of information and present the big points in this fashion. Some employees will respond well to game setups, others to graphics and still others to classic bulleted information. Customizing keeps employees engaged and shows that you care to adhere to their preferences.

Include Peripheral Information

Do not limit your data display to work-related information. Include snippets or reminders of employee birthdays, upcoming events, breaking news, cultural events or sports scores. Everybody wants to stay up-to-date on the world outside of the office; if you don’t present it to them, they will search outside of the work platform for relevant information. By delivering this type of news, you keep employees focused on work and keep the work space fresh and fun.  

Horizontal and Vertical Communications

Keep communication open both across teams and amongst management and analysts. The more the dashboard data is discussed, the more employees will bring it into play in their work. Keeping the communication alive outside of the data dashboard is imperative! Try incorporating points into weekly correspondence emails, monthly meetings and virtual company-wide communications you use.

Implementing these strategies is simple, but requires focused effort and execution. Work with Quantum FBI, our well-respected business consulting firm, to strategize how to best communicate big data analytics with employees and reach your business goals.

A goal without a plan is just a wish! quote printed on an old typewriter.
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