Finance decision-making streamlined for retail.

Optimized financial decision-making for the retail sector

Take control of your financial processes

The Retail industry relies heavily on custom transaction data, reporting, and tax compliance. Quantum teams deliver precise finance reporting and operations bringing the best growth path.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail industry has overcome a enormous transformation as digital transformation agilized transactions and product availability across the globe. For finance, this supposes a big challenge as retail and ecommerce industry has to adhere with each of the 50 states compliance requirements and taxes. 

Our finance teams have evolved to create a compelling framework, adapted to provide customized transaction support, solving state-specific tax reporting, forecasting seasonality pricing, and demand and supply behaviors to enhance competitiveness in an ever-growing market.

How can Quantum FBI impact your business?

We provide the right financial direction for your retail strategy.

Scalable finance operation

Scalable compliance

We streamline transaction support, taxes, COGS indicators from POS systems and Commerce platforms in order to sustain compliance with GST/HST .

Product indicators tracking

Product indicators tracking

We analyze market and product trends, seasonality, industry data and forecasts to deliver accurate budgeting for marketing, advertising and sales operations.

Market analysis and strategy

Market analysis and strategy

We review competitors performance against market insights to determine the best growth strategy aligned with stakeholders priorities.

Optimize cashflow

Optimize cashflow

We boost financial flows by improving average order value, contribution margin, customer lifetime value and by lowering customer abandonment and refund rate.

Discover how Quantum Finance Transformation & Automation process delivers quick and actionable value in our Retail & eCommmerce key metrics

Why do I need a eCommerce CFO business partner?

Retail CFOs business partner is about so much more than just accounting. It helps drive company value, accelerates sustainable growth, overcome financial challenges, and design a blueprint for success. 

Expect us to create a proficient financial forecast that uses business data and industry trends to improve pricing strategies plan and predict expenses, revenue, and plan for growth.

720 billion

Spending on ecommerces


Population that buys online


eCommerce YoY growth

1 in 5

of total retail sales comes from eCommerce

How we do it


We assess your business performance to identify new opportunities


We model what-if scenarios based on challenges and niches to tackle


We structure your data process and forecast the steps to sucess


We analyze data trends to transform bottlenecks into opportunities


We build a comprehensive view of data highlighting growth paths


We transform insights into process optimizations and new strategies

Step up your eCommerce financial modeling maturity

Acknowledge how Quantum Teams deploy finance transformation frameworks drilled-down for retail, sustaining growth, operability, and delivering value across your organization and customers.