Finance decision-making streamlined for law firms.

We help law firms and attorneys to go beyond tracking claims earnings, achieving quantum leaps against competitors
cash flow and revenue models.

Get up to the next level of growth for your law firm

Law firms spend most of the time conducting cases inquiries, not allowing stakeholders and directives drilling-down on which legal practices forecast growth in order to invest on new, more profitable revenue streams, and analyzing how to increase litigation and back-office cost-effectiveness.

Quantum Teams create growth-drivers by identifying key market trends and niches where your practices will prosper, improving litigation costs

How can Quantum FBI impact your law firm?

We provide the right financial direction for your law firm.

Litigating cost analysis

Litigating cost analysis

We create pre-litigation analysis, projecting out costs through trial, determining what’s the case real value to the firm, and delivering an accurate post-resolution review.

Build growth upon alliances

Build growth upon alliances

We help you to increase your case profitability by building litigation partnerships aligned with your growth objectives by creating portfolio and case collaborations.

Post-settlement payments

Post-settlement payments

We look forward the bests post-settlement funding options to accelerate your client’s recovery and improve your cash flow in case of resolved claims payment delays.

Optimize cashflow


We inspect how costs allocations are impacting your growth, mitigating needless expenses and cash flow weak points to increase budgeting and planning reliability.

Discover how Quantum Finance Transformation & Automation process delivers quick and actionable value in our law firm CFO key metrics ebook

Why do I need a law firm CFO business partner?

A law firm CFOs business partner is about so much more than just accounting. It helps drive company value, accelerates sustainable growth, overcome financial challenges, and design a blueprint for success.

Expect us to create a proficient financial forecast that uses business data and industry trends to improve pricing strategies plan and predict expenses, revenue, and plan for growth.

How we do it


We assess your business performance to identify new opportunities


We model what-if scenarios based on challenges and niches to tackle


We structure your data process and forecast the steps to sucess


We analyze data trends to transform bottlenecks into opportunities


We build a comprehensive view of data highlighting growth paths


We transform insights into process optimizations and new strategies

Step up your law firm profiting maturity

Acknowledge how Quantum Teams deploy finance transformation frameworks drilled-down for your law firm, sustaining growth, operability, and delivering value across your office and clients.