Finance strategy & development for SaaS Startups

Early-stage SaaS companies must drill down on cash flow and go-to-market strategies to survive. To do so, we craft your finance frameworks, forecasting outcomes for your products, pricing and distribution strategies to ensure your business growth.

Grow your early stage SaaS business with the right finance and accounting service.

Before building a growth plan, we analyze and improve your financial model, reviewing your recurring revenue model, your headcount planning, and your operative expenses. Then, we create growth levers by improving your pricing and value proposition models

We design your quote-to-cash process.

We deliver real-time metrics, reports and dashboards to make data-driven decisions.

We improve your value ladder to increase customer acquisition and retention

Make sure your finances are solid

The best time to automate the ASC 606 is in the early stages of growth.

The best time to automate the ASC 606 is in the early stages of growth. The more or more complex contracts you are dealing with, such as B. Frequent changes or multi-element agreements, the more difficult it is to update the contract history later.

Revenue and Cost Modeling

ASC606 compliance.

Systems Implementation

GAAP and SaaS reports and forecasts.

Transaction Support

Rack unbilled, billed, and paid income and expenses.

Get a full report of GAAP and SaaS metrics for your board 80% faster whit Quatum FBI.

Building promising initial unit economics and SaaS metrics

Unit economics is the time it takes to recover the cost of customer acquisition. We deliver customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost improvement strategies to build sustainable growth. Now is the time to move from manual and ad hoc calculations of bills and cash to consistent real-time SaaS metrics to support your data-driven decisions.

Find out a transformative landscape of finance

Learn how our transformation frameworks service will improve your finance team’s operational model and value delivery to stakeholders in a free 30 minutes consultancy.