The best Subscription Billing & Financial service for SaaS Companies

Grow your early stage SaaS business with the right finance and accounting service.

Strengthen ASC 606 revenue recognition to shorten the close up to 79%

Automating a single revenue stream across the customer lifecycle can save you hours of tedious calculations, speed closure and reporting, and improve accuracy and compliance. You have one source of truth – your Quantum FBI financial system. It does not require further settlement.

Boost your next funding round with great SaaS metrics

Investors want you to prove your business model. Our SaaS metrics dashboard services calculates CAC, CLTV, CMRR, total churn, customer churn and other key KPIs.

Quantum FBI subscription revenue management service uniquely allows you to tag unlimited dimensions in journal entries to provide real-time calculations for SaaS dashboards, enabling:

Subscribe to revenue management service to increase cash flow.

Integration with Salesforce CPQ and Quantum FBI means information flows seamlessly from quotes or contracts without retyping. Sales and Finance share up-to-date data for more accurate billing and better customer service. This means you can spend more time on higher-value strategic activities.

Companies that integrate quote-to-cash systems often see their DSOs drop by as much as 30%, freeing up cash flow to invest in hiring and acquisitions.

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Smarter subscription management service- from quotes to financial forecasts

Quantum FBI offers the only ASC 606 cloud accounting and billing solution – from quotes to financial forecasts. With’s native CPQ integration, finance teams can:

Create usage, consumption, evergreen and hybrid billing

With Quantum FBI, you can create 300+ usage, consumption, product-driven growth, high ACV and hybrid billing scenarios and build your value metrics to drive customer and team growth. Plus, benefit from ASC606/IFRS15 revenue recognition and over 200 investor-grade reports on your progress.

Find out a transformative landscape of finance

Learn how our finance transformation frameworks services will improve your finance team’s operational model and value delivery to stakeholders in a free 30 minutes consultory.

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Grow with us in the financial area

Quantum FBI investigates and solves short term growth blocks while transforming the finance function and layering in business intelligence that enables CFOs and executives to gain financial line of sight into the your business.

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