The best subscription billing and finance services for growing SaaS businesses

Subscription billing, ASC606, revenue recognition, SaaS dashboards, FP&A, all in one solution

Close 75% faster.

Perform real-time what-if scenario planning to reduce variance in your liquidity forecasts by up to 90%.

Subscribing to Quote-to-Cash can reduce order-to-billing by up to 99% and increase cash flow by up to 20%.

Grow your early stage SaaS business with the right finance and accounting service.

Get important SaaS metrics: CAC, CLTV, CMRR and churn rate. We help you shape your business big picture by delivering dashboards, reports and forecasts, and then, redesigning your costs and pricing strategies

We simplify your quote-to-cash process.

We deliver real-time metrics, reports and dashboards to make data-driven decisions.

We improve your value ladder to increase customer acquisition and retention

Automate your revenue recognition

Finance leaders at fast-growing SaaS and subscription companies face many challenges when it comes to revenue recognition. Revenue and billing models, alignment of sales and financials with contract terms, and collaboration are key, especially in this unpredictable environment.

Use the best revenue management platform:

MEA and complex multi-stream revenue recognition.

Forecasts are changed and recorded for unbilled, billed, and paid invoices.

Administers ASC 605 and 606 and IFRS 15 internationally.

Move off of Quickbooks

Expanding to multiple regions or adding units requires financial visibility across the organization. RapidRatings, New York’s leading fintech SaaS company, enables:

Decrease DSO by 20%.

Forecast 18-month cash flow.

Reduce your financial closing time by over 40%.​

Choosing the Right Subscription Billing Service for Your Growing Business

With Quantum FBI subscription billing service, you’ll get accurate quotes-to-cash, reliable revenue recognition, and the right SaaS metrics to help you sleep like a baby at night.

Handles many subscription billing types - usage-based, user-based, tiered, minimum and overage.

Offer payment terms with different frequencies, times, and payment methods, such as credit card or bill.

Instantly generate SaaS metrics for 6Cs such as CMRR, CAC, Churn, CLTV and Cash Flow.

Find out a transformative landscape of finance

Learn how our finance transformation frameworks services will improve your finance team’s operational model and value delivery to stakeholders in a free 30 minutes consultory.

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Grow with us in the financial area

Quantum FBI investigates and solves short term growth blocks while transforming the finance function and layering in business intelligence that enables CFOs and executives to gain financial line of sight into the your business.

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