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What we do | Quantum FBI

What we do

We are on a mission to transform finance in a big way, through technology and business intelligence services. We transform what finance and accounting teams deliver, and how it is delivered. The result is a finance function that provides powerful business insights. Quantum FBI enables CFOs to make this shift and transform the finance operation while meeting current demands and solving immediate challenges.

How we do it

Transformation is a continuous process requiring agility that can only be achieved once you have financial line of sight into all aspects of the business with highly functioning processes, technology and analytics. This agility comes from an ability to quickly analyze results of day-to-day operations, and decisions supported by data. Quantum FBI provides that missing link of “how” to transform while streamlining and simplifying finance operations.

How we do it | Quantum FBI
Why we do it | Quantum FBI

Why we do it

The growth of digital technologies has caused and will continue to cause disruption in virtually every business segment in the world. CFOs everywhere are being asked to transform their functions to bring greater value to the business as the business world becomes increasingly more digital and technology-driven. Transforming the finance function is critical for any business if they are to remain competitive.

We serve the office of the CFO

CFOs are in the midst of an evolution that is happening at a radical pace in a market that is shifting and changing daily. Sounds dramatic because its impact is dramatic.

Quantum FBI enables CFOs to make this shift and transform the finance operation while meeting current demands and solving immediate challenges.

We balance improving the finance operation with business intelligence, layering in analytics on a cadence that matches the needs of your business and team.

How we help our clients

At Quantum FBI, we specialize in strategic finance, technology-enabled finance operations and business intelligence services. We help companies achieve financial clarity, drive growth and deliver shareholder value.

Finance as a

Finance as a Service

We create a finance framework tailored for your business priorities, decreasing the operative expenses while delivering the best performance.


Business Intelligence

We maximize the impact of the resources deployed and potential opportunities leveraged by automation, data science and analytics.


Finance Transformation

We elevate the finance function, increasing efficiency, delivering data-supported insights and automating manual operations.

CFO services

CFO Services

We provide highly skilled and experienced professionals that can take you through your most complex business issues and growth initiatives. From technical accounting to capital planning and transaction support.

We're on mission to transform finance in a big way

We’re on a mission to transform finance in a big way. Transform what finance and accounting teams deliver, and how it is delivered. Transform how executives view and utilize the finance department and teams . And transform the results into powerful business insights and breakthroughs.

Why we do it - Quantum FBI
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Results + Value

Quantum FBI is your guidance and support. We are at your service to fuel your growth.​

Inform and Empower CFOs and Executives 

Knowledge is power. It fuels strategic decisions and gives CFOs and Executives control over the business and the future of the business with minimized risk. Real-time visibility and insights into the data you need to make informed management decisions.

Level-up the CFO and finance function to be recognized and utilized as an asset.

Automating and streamlining processes like procurement, month-end close, consolidations, allocations, fund management, and compliance reporting creates efficiency and scalability with the added ability to effectively manage multiple locations, practice areas, funding streams, and entities.

Respond quickly and accurately to a dynamic marketplace.

The marketplace now demands agility. With a configurable cloud solution built with open API for seamless integration, efficiencies will be quickly realized with financial line of sight that enables quick response with confidence.

Continuing to be reactive to only short-term demands does not allow for growth or strategic initiatives. Increase growth and profitability by eliminating manual and cumbersome processes around multi-entity reporting.

Reporting that is simplified, easy, automated, and flows with your finance operation.

Optimize time to generate consolidated management and financial reports. Efficiency and reduction of cost through shared services. Integrated systems synced to analytical dashboard built for your business. Breakout of the status quo, take the quantum leap, and watch your business soar.

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