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How can finance as a service benefit your business?


Efficient finance operation


Increased capacity



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Accounting Services

Our finance operation is powered by talented people, efficient processes and cloud-based technologies.
Our offerings are designed to meet your needs and scale with you as your business grows.


  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Bank account reconciliations

  • G/L management

  • Financial statements

  • AP/AR reconciliation

  • Month-end close

  • Management reporting

  • Budgeting and planning

  • Monthly financial review meeting

  • Cash flow management

  • System management

  • Month end review meeting

Additional Services



Payroll is often the largest expense for businesses, requiring administration and analysis.  Work with us to effectively manage payroll and better understand your human capital costs.



Billing and collections are critical to a company's cash flows and should receive a high level of focus. The billing and collections process should be efficient and managed for optimal results.


Expense Management

Employee expense management can help a company control costs, take advantage of volume discounts and understand spending patterns. We can help you manage the employee expense process and take advantage of cost containment opportunities.

CFO Services

  • Financial analysis

  • Process design

  • Accounting policies

  • KPIs

  • Risk management

  • Financial modeling

  • Systems selection

  • Scenario analysis

  • Capital planning

  • Board reporting

  • Transaction support

  • Finance transformation

  • Restructuring

  • Human capital planning

  • Incentive plans

  • Banking relationships

  • Financial forecast

  • Growth planning

  • Accounting function oversight

Included Services in the Plans

(Within the hourly limits)


Cash Management

We utilize top tools and approaches to help you plan and forecast business cash flow. As senior leaders, you need to have a deep understanding of cash flow. When a shortfall is on the way, you can identify it well in advance and take the necessary steps now to avoid.

Management Reporting

Management Reporting

We identify deliverables and set up proper systems for management and board reporting. Quantum will then review these accounts on a monthly basis along with management to identify financial and cash flow risks and to set goals for figures and ratios.

Transaction Support

Transaction Support

If you are preparing for a sale, acquisition, or operating post-transaction, we have the experience to help execute on your strategic priorities.  We assist with due diligence and post-transaction integration services.

Systems Implementation

Systems Implementation

Automate your finance function. From standard operating procedures to the integration of various general and industry-specific cloud tools, we help executives build the perfect tech stack to support the running of their business and finances, saving time and adding value.

Financial Decision-Making

Financial Decision-Making

Making financial decisions in your business is just as important as making operational decisions. We can help you identify the quantitative and qualitative variables and implications of your financial decisions enabling the intended outcomes.

Revenue and Cost Modeling

Revenue and Cost Modeling

We analyze your revenue and cost trends and identify areas that are not working efficiently. All fixed and variable costs are analyzed to improve your business at maximum capacity. Optimize your business model by increasing revenue streams and minimizing costs so that you can focus on investment and growth.

Learn how our finance, accounting, budgeting and forecasting expertise will drive your company into a higher profitability based on data leveraged decision-making in a free 30 minutes consultory

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Other Services

Business intelligence provides an organization with the insights that inform their strategic and tactical decisions.

Transform your finance function into a function that drives business value and operating performance.

The SaaS industry is growing. Are you positioned to meet the needs of your business through its current and upcoming growth stages?

Narrow the gap between finance and HR departments, and foster talent productivity and planning

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